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A2 - Biology Exam Technique

The following sample allows you to review a flash (swf) version of one PowerPoint presentation from this A2 Biology product. You can click on thumbnails (or the timeline) to scroll through the presentation and use the view control (bottom right corner) to flip between views. You must click to progress through the presentation as this reflects how it is best used with students. 1. The question appears. 2. Typical student responses appear - these can be discussed with the class. 3. An examiner comments on the student response - this section details common errors and good technique.

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A single student licence for the A2 version of this product costs just 10.00 or 5.00 when purchased with a Student Licence for the A2 Core Theory Presentations.

A single student licence for the AS & A2 versions of this product costs just 15.00 or 10.00 when purchased with a Student Licence for the AS & A2 Core Theory Presentations.

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A2 Biology - Exam Technique (BE2CD)

A2 Biology - Exam Technique (BE2CD)

13 Powerpoint presentations:

1. Ecology1
2. Ecology2
3. Gene technology
4. Genetics
5. Kidney (OCR Only)
6. Metabolic Pathways
7. Mutations
8. Nervous co-ordination
9. Photosynthesis
10. Plant growth substances and repose to light
11. Support Systems
12. Thermoregulation
13. Core Skills - Synoptic Essays

Price: 48.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Value Bundle! Presentations - Exam Technique AS & A2 (BEBCD)

Value Bundle! Presentations - Exam Technique AS & A2 (BEBCD)

Price: 96.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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