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Pack A (Interactive)

. Detailed topic coverage (41 crosswords)
. Available online (interactive) or printed
. Directly targets key terms & definitions
. Suitable for most systems - PC Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android
. Runs full screen - free app for iOS

'Biology Crosswords - Advanced' engages students (16-19) in an enjoyable way to study key biological vocabulary. Students rapidly become more familiar with pertinent terminology/definitions and gain in confidence and knowledge. The crosswords are suitable for homework or class work and are ideal for end-of-topic assessments. They are also invaluable test-tools for students to use throughout any revision program. The ‘clues’ offer detailed, yet succinct, definitions and descriptions of the terms. The crosswords are ideally suited for use on an interactive whiteboard or deployment on your school's network or VLE. Pack A allows the user to focus on just one term/definition at a time - this facilitates learning more than a traditional crossword where all the clues are visible at one time. You can view, complete, check and print Pack A crosswords from any modern Web Browser or an iPad (using the free app).

Pack B (available separately or in the 'Super Bundle') provides high resolution print masters in both pdf and editable docx formats - you can therefore personalise the clues if you wish.

The ‘Super Bundle’ provides Packs A & B in an inclusive integrated package. 41 Crosswords covering 30 distinct topics...

Blood & Transport of Gases
Cells & Cell Structures
DNA & Protein Synthesis (2 Crosswords)
Energy Transfer & Cycles
Enzyme Technology
Gas Exchange Fish, Insects & Plants
Gas Exchange Human
Gene Technology
Genetics & Inheritance (2 Crosswords)
Heart, Circulation & Heart Disease (2 Crosswords)
How Science Works (3 Crosswords)
Immunology (3 Crosswords)
Kidney Structure and Function (2 Crosswords)
Mammalian Reproduction
Meiosis and Gametes
Microbes and Disease
Mitosis & The Cell Cycle
Nervous Co-ordination (2 Crosswords)
Plasma Membranes & Cell Transport (2 Crosswords)
Sampling Techniques & Diversity
Transport In Plants

Interactive Crosswords - Pack A (BCAST)

Interactive Crosswords - Pack A (BCAST)

Pack A is an interactive package providing 41 crosswords and answers covering 30 distinct topics.

Price: 72.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Value Bundle! Interactive Crosswords - Packs A & B (BCABST)

Value Bundle! Interactive Crosswords - Packs A & B (BCABST)

All 41 crosswords (30 topics) in both interactive (Pack A) and pdf print master (Pack B) formats. All options are provided with answers and within a software package - see sample below...

Price: 120.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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To view/download crossword samples (displays full screen) just click the 'Crossword Sample' button. This sample (from the integrated 'Value Bundle') gives access to both interactive crosswords (Pack A) and pdf print masters (Pack B). Pack A still comes with an interactive menu similar to the one in the sample (except there are no pdf print masters). In Pack A clicking a menu button directly loads the interactive crossword file). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to print the crossword.

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