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Human Anatomy (Set 1) - Graphics

To preview the images just click the following image (MP4 video) to display video controls.

This is a collection of superb images (25 high res .png files) as originally drawn by Johannes Sobotta and published around the year 1904 in his highly acclaimed Sobotta atlas of human anatomy. We have 'cleaned up' the images, removed original labels and redrawn the 'underlying' image (a lot of time-consuming work). Finally we created a transparent background (alpha channel) so that the images can be placed on any other background (plain or textured) and even a shadow can be easily added in PowerPoint, etc. These images are perfect for creating a poster montage - a great present for a medical student. These images are suitable for medical students of just for those who appreciate the significance and beauty of the drawings. Watch out for further sets...

Human Anatomy Graphics - Set 1 (AN1DD)

Human Anatomy Graphics - Set 1 (AN1DD)

· 25 Quality drawings - Digital Download Only
· Enhances any anatomy/medical course
· Site licence available

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Price: 6.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Site licence for Human Anatomy Graphics (Set 1) - 10 + VAT extra.