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History - Graphics

History Graphics (HDVD)

History Graphics (HDVD)

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Over 10,200 quality photos & clipart. Suitable for pupils aged 11-16 (KS3 & KS4).
All images drawn for education! Site licence & discounts available!
N.B. This product has its own integral Graphic Viewer.

Coverage of the following topics:

· America (S & Meso)
· American (N) Inuit & Eskimo
· American (N) Native
· Australian Aborigine
· Britain 1485-1603 (Tudors)
· Britain 1603-1750 (Stuarts)
· Britain 1750-1900
· Britain 1900-1930 (WWI)
· Britain since 1930 (WWII)
· Celtic & Anglo Saxon
· China
· France 1750 - 1850
· Japan
· Medicine Through Time
· Medieval
· Minoan
· Prehistoric Man
· Renaissance
· Rome
· Russia
· Scientific Progress
· Slavery
· Victorian
· Viking
· Wild West

Price: 48.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


'History Graphics - Primary' covers the age range 5-11 (KS1 & 2) but may be of interest to some secondary school teachers. The Primary Set has thousands of images of the Ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations. Please go to the section Primary Resources\Primary Graphics\History for further details.
To download an advert showing samples of the product just right click over the 'PDF' icon and select 'Save Target As'. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the advert. A printout gives a better representation of the samples than viewing on screen.

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