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How Science Works (KS3)

· Utilizes the proven benefits of the staged display of information.

· Interactively enhances any 11-14 course in Science.

· Also suitable for staff training in 'How Science Works'.

· Also suitable for interactive whiteboards and digital projectors.

· 185 quality slides in 12 editable PowerPoint presentations.
Students' interest and learning is enhanced when you use our outstanding presentations for students of Science 11-14. 'How Science Works' helps pupils understand the key features of science focusing on investigations and data handling.
The presentations range from 'Laboratory Safety' and 'Making a Prediction', through 'Conducting a Fair Test' to 'Considering Evidence and Drawing Conclusions'.

The subject matter, which is fundamental to science, is brought to life in an engaging way by the use of powerful imagery, animations, interactivity and sample exam style questions.

To run the presentations you will need PowerPoint 2000 or later - you can also edit and personalise the original presentations within PowerPoint. A low cost site licence is available which enable the presentations to be used on multiple standalone PCs or on a network.

Our highly praised presentations can be used with an interactive whiteboard or digital projector
for whole class teaching, or on standalones or networked PCs for individual study/revision.
The following sample allows you to review a flash (swf) version of one PowerPoint presentation from this product. You can click on thumbnails (or the timeline) to scroll through the presentation and use the view control (bottom right corner) to flip between views. The sample is set to progress through the presentation automatically - use the pause control to allow you to study the slides and particularly the interactive flash activities - otherwise the presentation will move to the next slide in just a couple of seconds!!

How Science Works Presentations (HSW3ST)

How Science Works Presentations (HSW3ST)

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12 Presentations plus a detailed glossary - site licence now included as standard.

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Price: 96.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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How Science Works (KS3 & KS4) - Value Bundle (HSW34ST)

How Science Works (KS3 & KS4) - Value Bundle (HSW34ST)

In stock

Purchase both the KS3 & KS4 packs for a great saving at only £100 + VAT. Site licence now included as standard.

Price: 180.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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