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Interactive Diagnostic Assessment

Interactive Diagnostic Assessment CD ROM (NUCD)

Interactive Diagnostic Assessment CD ROM (NUCD)

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The interactive diagnostic assessment (standards) is designed to run on your normal web browser such as Internet Explorer. The standard single user product is not SCORM compliant - for a SCORM compliant product please select the optional Site licence.

Price: 48.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


The following sample allows you to review a flash (swf) version of this product. This online version of the product is for evaluation purposes only. This sample is Target 11 - Time and is one of 18 targets assessed. The interactive 'Scribble pad' is used where a pupil may wish to do a calculation - in this sample it is used in the introduction and questions 16-22. A fully SCORM compliant version is available from just £20+VAT extra. Use the 'Outline' button to jump to any question.

To download an advert showing samples of the product just right click over the 'PDF' icon and select 'Save Target As'. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the advert. A printout gives a better representation of the samples than viewing on screen.

N.B. To download Acrobat Reader select 'Support' from the Homepage Menu.