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P.E./Sport - Interactive Revision (C)

· A range of highly interactive exercises and animations.

· Visually enhances any 14+ exam course in P.E./Sports Studies.

· Can be purchased separately or as an integral part of the A,B,C Study Units!
Students' interest and learning is enhanced when you use our interactive presentations for P.E./Sports Studies GCSE, Scottish Standard Grade or other courses at NQF level 2.

These highly interactive and engaging presentations can be used on standalone or networked PCs, interactive whiteboards or your school's VLE, and perfectly complement our highly successful core theory presentations and associated worksheets - see ABC Study Units.

The interactivity of the exercises, together with regular feedback, are provided through 'structured word' exercises, 'drag & drop' exercises, 'point & show', animations, quizzes, and wordsearches - see back page for more details.

The presentations can be used to support your scheme of work in many ways, e.g. as lesson starters or plenaries, revision for tests and exams, to enliven the P.E. resources on your VLE, or even add them to your own existing presentations, (simply by copying and pasting individual slides).

Sets 1-4 cover The Body, Health & Fitness, Training & Sporting Skills and Social Issues/Injuries respectively.