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Issues (Social, Moral, Ethical, Environmental)

Issues - Literacy
36 Crosswords, 36 Wordsearches, 72 Word Exercises, Glossary, Solutions to Crosswords & Wordsearches. Differentiated for use by both 11-14 and 14-16 age ranges.

Abortion (2)
Animal Issues (1 )
Belief In God (3)
Contraception (2)
Crime & Punishment (2)
Dependency (2)
Embryology (2)
Environment (2)
Euthanasia & Suicide (1 )
Law & Order (1 )
Marriage & The Family (2)
The Media (1 )
Minority Rights (2)
Morality (1 )
Prejudice & Discrimination (3)
Sexuality (2)
Suffering (1 )
War & Peace (3)
Wealth & Poverty (3)

N.B. The number in brackets denotes the number of crosswords and wordsearches on that issue.

Issues - Literacy (CD ROM)

Issues - Literacy (CD ROM)

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Features 36 interactive HTML5 crosswords.
Includes site licence.

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