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Library - Management Policies

Library Policy Set/Handbook
30 Library Management Policies
(Version 4.5)


S.S.E.R. is the U.K.'s leading supplier of policies to schools and colleges - over 99% of all secondary schools and colleges (Independent and State) use our policy resource packs! New to this version are policies on 'Performance Management', 'Literacy and Direct Activities Related to Text' and job descriptions for both the Librarian and Assistant Librarian. Deriving the structure for a policy can take as long as the discussion and writing process - we can save you that time! By using our structure and exemplar material you can easily write your own distinct policy statements.

Policies included are:
· The School Library Handbook (Contents)
· Aims & Objectives - Library
· Monitoring & Evaluating Library Provision
· Storage, Stock & Catalogue
· Withdrawal & Disposal Of Stock
· Financial Management Of The Library
· Procuring Services/Supplies From Outside Agencies
· Ordering & Purchasing Resources
· Choosing Resources (Multicultural, Gender & SEN)
· Computer Systems & The Library
· Internet Access
· Code Of Behaviour For Pupils In The Library
· Copyright Issues
· Liaising With Subject Departments
· The Library Club, Visitors & Visits
· Differentiation Within The Library Provision
· Library Display Policy
· Library Health & Safety Policy
· Staffing, Timetabling & Accommodation Issues
· Staff Training Policy
· Performance Management
· Job Description - Senior Librarian
· Job Description - Assistant Librarian
· Cross-curricular Themes, Careers Ed. & The Library

Core Skills Development & The Library
· Developing Numeracy Skills
· Developing General Language & Literacy Skills
· Developing Literacy Skills - DARTs
· Developing Spelling Skills
· Developing Reading Skills
· Developing Handwriting Skills



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All policies are provided as editable Word 2000 files. An interactive contents list is also provided with the integral pdf file.

Price: 72.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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