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P.E./Sports Studies A Level Presentations (16-19)

· Utilizes the proven benefits of the staged display of information;
· Visually enhances any 16+ exam course in P.E. or Sports Studies;
· Suitable for a single computer, network, digital projector or VLE;
· Teach those 'difficult' topics related to human physiology with ease and clarity!

Students' interest and learning is enhanced when you use our outstanding sets of PowerPoint presentations for P.E./Sports Studies A level or any other 16+ P.E. course. These two superb sets of presentations, enable you to use interactive whiteboards, standalone or networked PCs, to enhance teaching and learning in a variety of ways.
The presentations feature animation, voice narration videos and interactive elements which engage students in this demanding section of the core theory content. The presentations average 25 slides each and feature high quality diagrams throughout. Note templates are also included and are ideal for teacher narration notes, lesson plans and student notes. Each note template contains screenshots of three adjacent slides and room for ample notes to be made.

Users of PowerPoint 2000 (or later) can easily edit the presentations to suit their own needs.