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CPSHE Flashkit (Interactive Graphs)

· Perfect for interactive whiteboards
· Perfect for starters & plenaries
· Perfect to enhance lesson content
· Supports all CPSHE courses
· Fully featured flash player - FREE!

The CPSHE FlashKit (11-18) provides 70 professional flash graphs for students aged aged 11-18. FlashKits are easy to use and are proven to enhance teaching and learning and of course focused discussion . The flash (swf) files are perfect for use within all makes of interactive whiteboard software and other programs such as PowerPoint.

Our FlashKits give you the resources to produce engaging lessons on the interactive whiteboard and will enhance your presentations. The flash files are stored in topics relevant to the current curricula for students.

The flash graphs are categorised into 7 topics - Diet & Exercise, Education, The Family, Sex & Relationships, Social Issues, Alcohol & Drugs and Personal Safety. Each category has between 6-18 animated graphs covering different aspects of the topic.
The following sample allows you to review a collection of flash graphs from this product. You can click on controls to navigate through the FlashKit files. The actual product consists of standalone swf files which can be imported into any interactive whiteboard software or into a PowerPoint presentation. Use your mouse to roll over the data in the graphs - all data is interactive. Please use the pause control to study a particular graph as the slides are set to advance every 5 seconds.

CPSHE FlashKit (11-18) - CD ROM (PDF)

CPSHE FlashKit (11-18) - CD ROM (PDF)

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70 animated an up-to-date flash graphs to stimulate and focus discussion.
Includes free site licence.

Price: 60.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


To download an advert showing samples of the product just right click over the 'PDF' icon and select 'Save Target As'. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the advert. A printout gives a better representation of the samples than viewing on screen.

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