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PSHE Presentations

· Utilizes the proven benefits of the staged display of information.

· Interactively enhances any 11+ course in PSHE.

· Suitable for standalone PCs, networks, interactive whiteboards and digital projectors.

· 40 PowerPoint Presentations averaging 20 slides each in eight themed sets!
Students' interest and learning is enhanced when you use our eight sets of PowerPoint presentations for PSHE 11-16. The presentations deliver key elements of the schemes of work for PSHE in an engaging way by the use of superb imagery, animations and interactivity. The presentations provide an extensive knowledge base and powerful stimulus for discussion. In addition to being able to deliver the core of a lesson the presentations contain sections which make them suitable for brief topic introductions and/or plenaries.

All topics are dealt with in a manner which focuses on the knowledge and understanding that students need to make informed decisions about their own lives.