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Pastoral Training Pack A

Pastoral Training - Pack A
Pack A - 75 pages which provide training activities centred around realistic incidents and case studies:

· Parental rights of access & divorce;
· Trespass and illegal weapons;
· Bullying and racism;
· Learning difficulties;
· Homework and ineffective learning;
· Child Protection issues;
· Detention;
· Supporting bereaved pupils;
· First Aid and dealing with accidents;
· Teenage pregnancy;
· Vandalism;
· Smoking and drugs;
· Truancy;
· Poor attendance;
· Holiday requests in term time;
· Liaising with parents;
· Confiscation & searching bags;
· Gifted and Talented pupils;
· Dealing with intruders;
· Organizing a school trip.

This pack significantly helps you to deliver training and provide evidence of such with regard to 'safeguarding children'.

Pastoral Training - Pack A (PTACD)

Pastoral Training - Pack A (PTACD)

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All training files are provided as editable Word 2000 files on this CD ROM.

Price: 48.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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