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AS/A2 Biology - Photomicroscopy Graphics

· Suitable to enhance any 16+ biology exam course;
· Over 650 outstanding photos (inc. b/w versions), SEM, TEM images;
· These images are also in SSER Biology Graphics 16-18;
· All photos taken for education;
· Site licence available.
Enhance the quality of your own resources with our high resolution photos for Biology teachers and their pupils. This outstanding collection of photo-micrographs has been assembled using research standard microscopes and the electron-micrographs were produced with the support of Lancaster University. The photo-micrographs are supplied on CD ROM in an industry standard format (jpeg) and thereby allow your PC to run as a virtual microscope. This unique collection of photos and teachers' notes will enable you to produce a variety of resources such as worksheets, overhead transparencies, exam papers and even posters up to A2 size - in full colour or grey scale! The photos have been taken using some of the best slides ever produced for 16+ Biology courses. The CD ROM has been mastered to be fully compatible with all PC (Windows™) operating systems! Low cost site licences are available.

Biological Photo-Microscopy (BMCD)

Biological Photo-Microscopy (BMCD)

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N.B. This product has an integral Graphic Viewer.

Price: 18.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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