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SEN Policies Set 1

Policies/Handbook - Set 1

24 School Management Policies: focusing on strategic management of the department - financial, personnel and Safeguarding Children.
· The SEN Handbook (Contents)
· SEN - Aims & Objectives
· Job Description (Head of Department/SENCO)
· Job Description (Teacher)
· Job Description (SEN Teaching Assistant)
· Monitoring & Evaluating The SEN Provision
· Responsibilities For Different Aspects Of SEN
· I.N.S.E.T.
· Induction Of Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT)
· Initial Teacher Training (ITT & QTS)
· Performance Management
· Budget Management
· SEN Resources And Their Deployment
· Disability Discrimination Act - Access to Work
· Stock Control/Management
· Health & Safety
· Educational Visits & SEN
· Every Child Matters
· Safeguarding Children - Generic Policy
· Child Protection + Annual Report To Governors
· Whistleblowing
· Confidentiality
· Liaison & Involvement With Outside Agencies
· Parental Liaison & Involvement

SEN Policies Set 1 - CD ROM (SN1PC6)

SEN Policies Set 1 - CD ROM (SN1PC6)

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All policies are provided as editable Word 2000 files. An interactive contents list is also provided with the integral pdf file.

Price: 54.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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