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Safety In Action

Safety In Action

A resource that provides 13 Health & Safety Policies and over 600 Safety Graphics.


· Provision of documentation;

· Developing good safety practice;

· Effective Health & Safety training;

· Effective Safety Management.

Aimed at Managers with a specific responsibility for Health and Safety, this outstanding collection of policies and Health and Safety symbols will allow you to greatly enhance your documentation, training and safety practice. The School Health & Safety Policy (17 pages) is enhanced by separate policies on Anti-bullying, Electrical Safety, Asthma, First Aid, HIV Protocol, School Security, Stock Security, Visits, Stress Management, Internet Security, Display Screens & Manual Handling. Deriving the structure for a policy can take as long as the discussion and writing process - we can save you that time! To edit the policies all you need is a standard word processor (e.g. MS Word) and to construct safety plans all you need is a Draw or DTP program (e.g. Serif DrawPlus, PagePlus, MS Publisher).

Safety In Action (WSCD)

Safety In Action (WSCD)

In stock

Both the policies and safety graphics are provided on CD ROM.

Price: 60.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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