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Science Manager

Science Manager


· Science reports for all pupils aged 11-16;

· Individual, whole class & school records;

· A range of correspondence with parents;

· Compliance with SEN & VISIT requirements;

· A truly professional & consistent approach to Science Department Management .
'Science Manager' is a revolutionary product that exploits the massive potential of Microsoft Office to record all pupil data, and uses that data with no further typing to produce any documentation that you need, now or in the future. 'Science Manager' is fully customisable, allowing you to personalise any stationary or report layout (46 provided) for your own School or LEA and to be compliant with 'Whole School Requirements' - it even allows the staff to liaise with the SEN department for the management of IEPs. 'Science Manager' stores data and transcribes it into letters or detailed reports in MS Word format!

The illustrated manual/tutorial assumes no specialist knowledge yet provides full instructions which gently guide you towards becoming a proficient user. You can use the familiar features of MS Word to produce, personalise and edit reports or letters as detailed in this advert.

Science Manager (SCMPC6)

Science Manager (SCMPC6)

In stock

The data source (xls) and documents (.doc) are all provided on the CD ROM. All final reports and correspondence are in MS Word format - we recommend using Word 2000.

Price: 48.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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