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WJEC Option C - Neurobiology & Behaviour

Presentations - WJEC Theory (A2 Biology) Option C (B15CDW)

Presentations - WJEC Theory (A2 Biology) Option C (B15CDW)

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Set 15 - Neurobiology & Behaviour

C.1.a.-g. The Nervous System & Human Brain
C.2.a. The Brain - Non-Invasive Study Techniques
C.2.b. Development - Intellectual, Cognitive & Language Acquisition
C.2.c. Neuroplasticity
C.3.a. Innate Behaviour - 1 (An Introduction)
C.3.a. Innate Behaviour - 2 (Taxes and Kineses)
C.3.a. Statistics - Kinesis In Woodlice - Student's t-Test
C.3.b. Learned Behaviour
C.3.g. Reproductive Behaviour
C.3.g. Courtship Behaviour

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