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. 60 popular recipes (shown step by step)
. Plus interactive quiz for each recipe
. Plus online evaluation for each recipe
. Plus A4 print masters for each recipe
. Encourages independent learning
. Perfect for use by learning support staff
“What do I do next?” or “I haven’t brought any ingredients” are familiar cries in practical lessons. Well help is now at hand! The two sets of ‘e-Recipes’ (30 recipes per set) engage students in an enjoyable way to prepare 60 popular school dishes. Students then take a formative quiz followed by a detailed evaluation of the dish, ingredients and equipment (this can be done at school or at home). Even students who have failed to bring ingredients can work through much of the evaluation. The e-Recipes help students become more familiar with pertinent terminology, cooking techniques and presentation of dishes, they gain in confidence, knowledge and become more independent learners. You can also purchase a value ‘Super Bundle’ or any combination of separate e-Recipes you choose. The resource automatically detects the users OS and loads the appropriate files - the product works on iOS, Windows, Mac, Android and Interactive Whiteboards. Use of iPads or other tablet devices encourage and facilitate independent learning. The VLE versions offer SCORM compliance.
The following sample allows you to use the 'e-Recipe list utility' to review online versions of the e-Recipes for Sweet & Sour and Ratatouille. The product works on PC Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android and can be deployed on PC Windows hard drives/servers for speedy access or run fully in the Cloud (Both standard and LMS versions) on Mac OS, iOS and Android. N.B. - the full product allows offline access as well when using iOS and the free App.

To access the button for Sweet & Sour select Set 1 and scroll down to e-Recipe number 25. To access the button for Ratatouille select Set 2 and scroll down to e-Recipe number 51. These buttons are coloured green to quickly identify them.

The buttons which lead to further information about e-Recipe Sets 1 and 2 and for ordering the products are below this sample and the 'View Full Screen' button.

To view the 'e-Recipe List Utility' in full screen mode just click the 'View Full Screen' button...